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What if the future of the company was the man or the woman

What if the future of a company depended on men and women employees ? What if the future of talent acquisition was not systematically recruitment and retention but also associations, communities of values and talents sharing ?

The world is changing rapidly, from cars manufacturing to offers of mobility, going from hotels to home sharing, from handwritten letters to online videos… The working world is not banned from this compelling movement of creating communities, searching for meaning and harmony… The permanent contract is not the one and only solution to a working engagement: new generations no longer commit themselves to a company but to a project they believe in, a project, to which they can contribute to and through which they will grow. That’s the way the current generation manages its professional life. They find it totally natural to change employers as they a journey from one project to another.

The contractual form of commitment does not have the same impact today. What matters is to share precise challenges and goals: and thereby catalyze transformation, restore confidence within teams, maintain the dynamism of energy, boost commitment…. in order to find the right manager with who has the relevant human values and driving forces necessary for addressing the immediate challenges which need to be assumed.

This search for meaning is not limited to young beginners but to a a growing community of active executives, who are ready to build the future business world. Companies are constantly facing transformation and their success relies on the engagement of men and women in projects: each project is new and requires expertise, new insights. TOD offers companies access to a community of more than one thousand Talents, as with a large widespread diversity of experiences to able to enrich the various projects they/the company may wish to develop.

Through its unique interim management approach, TOD provides more than skills and experiences. TOD believes in a sense of commitment and performance thanks to the Talents of its community, who have been specially selected for their team spirit, their sense of collective collaboration, and an expressed desire to put all their energy at to the service of the company, in order to fully realize, and even surpass themselves, being proud to participate in projects for which they perceive Meaning.

Through profiling tools, TOD brings out the real potentials of its Talents and, for each mission, aligns, the challenging desires of its customers with human values and driving forces that will lead teams to succeed.

Associating external and internal Talents, giving high priority to sense and values, TOD speeds up the eagerly awaited change, boosts performances and invents the sustainable and inclusive business world of tomorrow.

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